Stout & Porter

Guinness Draught from LCBO

Guinness Draught Stout

Photo Credit LCBO

If you ever purchase their beers, you may notice a small round marble like widget inside. These little devices contain nitrogen which squirts out into the beer when the can is open and depressurized. This process provides a creamy thick foam/head that makes it feel like you’re drinking the beer straight out of the tap.


For non-coffee drinkers, this beer may taste sour and bitter. An acquired taste for most.

Vanilla Porter

Mill St. Brewery Vanilla Porter

Photo Credit Mill St. Brewery

The brewing process of this porter includes using vanilla extract which are pressed from vanilla orchid beans. Porters are dark in appearance and often impart flavors ranging from dark chocolate to bitter caramel.


If you are a fan of bitter dark coffee with complex non-sweet vanilla flavors, this might be for you.