Red Amber Ale

Alexander Keith’s-Red Amber Ale

Photo Credit Alexander Keith’s

While American Red Ales tend to be quite hoppy, this beer’s style conforms to the Irish Red Ale category which are less hoppy in terms of flavor and aroma. Notable characteristics include caramel or toffee.


Not overly sweet, well balanced flavors.

Woodhouse Brewing Co.

Photo Credit Woodhouse Brewing Co.

Although described as a lager beer on the label, the style is a North American Amber Lager that delivers the clean character of a lager and the sweet taste of an amber.


Slight sweetness followed by lingering bitterness.

Dos Equis-Ambar Especial

Photo Credit Dos Equis

I don’t always drink beer, but when I do I don’t prefer Dos Equis. The boost to fame of the brand was driven by the commercials which became an instant meme/pop-culture reference thanks to the most interesting man in the world. The beer is styled as a Vienna Lager which has less sweetness compared to common amber ales.


Less toasty and sweet than regular ambers, with a clean finish similar to lagers.

Rickard's Red from LCBO

Rickard’s Red Ale

Photo Credit LCBO

Brewed with Munich Malt to create an appearance as red as the label.


Low carbonation, hint of spices, sweet caramel notes.